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How to Master Dog Walking?

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Below are dog training hacks to be good at walking your dog and to master this activity with your dog. Make sure that your dogs see you as their pack leader once you walk them out of the park. You can master this if you follow the tips provided below: 

Use a short dog leash 

To get more control, it’s best to use a short dog leash. Attaching it to the very top of the neck can aid you to correct, guide your dog, and to communicate with them easily. When you want more help, choose a dog collar that’s recommended by the experts. 

Walk in front of your dog 

If you walk in front of your dog, you let them see you as their pack leader. On the other hand, when you let your dog control you while taking a walk, you’re allowing them to consider themselves as the pack leader and this should not be the case. Instead, you have to be the first one to get inside and go outside of the door. Your dog must be behind or beside you while walking. If you want to learn more about walking your dog, don’t hesitate to hire dog walking services in Edina MN today. 

Provide enough time for the dog walk 

Similar to humans, dogs are diurnal. Meaning, it’s perfect for them to take walks in the morning. It’s highly recommended by the experts that dog owners should set aside half to a full hour. Remember that dogs have various needs, hence, make sure to ask your vet about this. This is also important so that you can pay attention to the behavior of your dog and determine whether his needs are being met. 

Bring lots of water for your dog 

If you plan to walk for more than 30 minutes or out in the hot climate, don’t forget to bring with you plenty of water for your dogs. Unlike human beings, dogs have a more difficult time regulating their temperature and they tend to overheat easily. Also, they can be dehydrated easily while exercising in hot weather since they sweat through panting. 

Know to properly reward your dog during the walk 

After your dog has regulated the proper state of mind, you can reward your furry friend by letting him sniff around and relieve himself. Then, you have to decide when the reward time ends. Make sure that it’s less than the time you’ve spent concentrated on the walk. 

Keep on leading them even after walking your dog 

As soon as you get home, never stop leading. Make your dog patiently wait as you take off your shoes or put away his leash. 

Give your dog a reward after the walk 

By giving your dog a meal after the walk, you’ve let your dog establish the idea to “work” for water and food. Also, never forget to be a good model for them by always picking up after your dog. 


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