List of exchanges during the year 2004-2005:

Combo Teaching ConferenceParticipants: FNEIJ: IMFP, Jazz à Tours, EDIM, EJMA, Jazzstudio, Jazz & Rock Schule, Escuela de Música Creativa.
Place: Madrid – Spain.
Date: 26, 27 and 28 November 2004.
http://www.fneij.orgContents:Practical organization.
Teacher-student relationship.
Programmes and projects.
Creativity within the collective training.

List of exchanges during the year 2003-2004:

Exchange Between Students: Switzerland/Belgium.Participants: EJMA Lausanne (Switzerland) / Jazzstudio Antwerp (Belgium).
Place: Lausanne and Anvers.
Date: 7 March till 12 March (Antwerp) – 28 March till 2 April 2004.
Contents:The invited students follow the lessons for a week in the other school.

List of exchanges during the Year 2002-2003:

The Dahu SextetParticipants: APEJS, Chambéry (France) / EJMA Lausanne (Switzerland).
Place: Lausanne and Chambéry.
Date: 30 March 2002 and 25 April 2002.Contents:Two concerts by a sextet with three teachers from Chambéry: Pierre Drevet (trumpet), Laurent Blumenthal (saxophone), Jean-Louis Almosnino (guitar) and three teachers from Lausanne: Marcel Papaux (drums), Ivor Malherbe (contrabass) and Philippe Cornaz (vibraphone). The compositions are originals or arranged by members of the sextet.